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Client environment Client is India's premier mobile phone service provider with more than 2 million customers. Their system is functioning on servers AS4100, AS2100 with 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 Oracle version Databases running on HP UNIX.
Problem Statementt This firm had a dunning process bottleneck in that an application to check talk time barring was not running according to its schedule especially during peak times. This was a long-term problem for which various vendors were not able to provide a solution to. This in turn impacted adversely end-user service and thus, their business.
Our Solution We found the problem was due to improper size of undo segments and improper design of database application. Our consultants, supported by onsite DBAs recommended very feasible changes to the application team for the problematic queries. These were implemented successfully. Our team also modified logical layout of databases with respect to undo management and made changes in application design by adding hints to high load queries. This brought down response time to a fifth and enhanced the performance of dunning process.
Client Benefits The logical layout modifications with respect to undo management and application design changes by adding hints to high load queries reduced the total response time of the query by 80%. Since the query execution is faster, the read consistent data required was readily available. So the SQL tuning helped to eliminate the undo contention. This enhanced the performance of the dunning process and streamlined the talk time barring process.