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Current Case Studies
Client environment Our client was a running a consumer loans application. The system provided a single logon for all business functions to its branches across India. It had been operational for 7 years, using Oracle 9i Database Management System.
  Operating System
• Windows 2000 Advanced server
• 4 CPU DELL PowerEdge 6650
• EMC Symmetrix SAN
• Oracle 9i
Problem Statementt • Branches getting slow response of business system application during regular working hours. They were looking for faster response from the application.
• Frequent "out of process memory" error from database leading to application availability problem.
Our Solution We did the analysis of the application on an end-to-end basis. We looked at the database configuration, application configuration, storage and network configuration.

Heavy queries were being run by the application support team for generating reports for their day-to-day and monthly analysis of business. These queries were consuming most of system resources. These queries were running concurrently with branch online business application, branches were getting slow response of business system application impacting their business. These queries were identified and sent to the application team for fine-tuning.

SAN was not used to its optimum level. BCV (Business Continuity Volume) were available for this application. These were being used only for backup purposes. We recommended that the BCV volumes to be used for report-generation. This improved performance of production database and enhanced online business continuity.
Client Benefits • Response time improved substantially for the branches.
• BCV implementation also helped in better utilization of the SAN-storage.
• Reduced workload on production system and significantly increased application availability.