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Current Case Studies
Client environment Client was a multinational bank with around 190 production databases on different RDBMS version and operating systems supporting different applications. The applications and databases were crucial for business continuity.

Daily updates to databases were backed up regularly using HP Open View Storage Data Protector Product Version A.05.00 as the enterprise backup solution to avoid any losses due to sudden failures in disks/applications, corruption in databases, and retrieval of data from history backups, etc. Nearly 3.65TB (Cumulative for daily, weekly and monthly backups) data were backed up using Omni.

Client's NT and BCPARC backups were configured on DLT drives and all UNIX server backups were configured on ULT230 drives.
Client Requirement - Migrate existing backup setup to Omni Gen II. (HP was removing technical support for DLT drives that necessitated moving all NT backups on ULT230 drives)
- Reduce present backup window by 20-30 %.
Our Solution We prepared a detailed migration plan and implemented it in three phases.

- Installation and configuration of the MSL6060 library and integrating the same with the current Omni - Data Protector setup for backups

This was carried out with the co-ordination of HP support team. After configuration of MSL6060 library, creation of media pools, drives and connectivity with switch was completed.

Testing of UNIX backups on MSL6060 library was carried out in parallel with existing backup setup without affecting the production. The testing was completed successfully which included readability check of ULT460 media followed by restoration of data. The backup specifications for all UNIX servers were created on ULT460 drive, without removing original backup specifications that were kept for fallback in case any problem or error was encountered during execution. After successful testing, original backups were modified for ULT460 drives.

All NT backups were tested and moved to ULT230 drives.

After completing migration of all backups, post implementation review was carried out by checking for any problems during the backups, delay in backups or any drive problems. The errors reported by client were checked and rectified.
Client Benefits • Throughput increased by 35-45% over previous backup configuration.
• Data storage capacity of ULT460 media is twice of ULT230 media. High capacity ULT460 (200/400 GB) tapes reduced the media required for backup. This simplified media management.
• Backup time window was reduced by 50% due to faster backup.