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Why IT Thoughts Consulting

With a proven track record of quality, consistency and success that has resulted in repeat business from a number of Fortune 500 customers, we bring our clients:

1. Enterprise value

  • Ability to deliver support services across functions in a large heterogeneous environment

2. World Class Resources in Key Technology Areas

  • Proven Capability Building Model to enhance operational stability at client site by building and deploying resources on specific niche technologies capable of delivering predefined tasks
  • Internal subject matter experts guide on-site resources in key technology areas

3. On Demand Availability and Scalability

  • Able to ramp up highly-trained resources in a short span of timee
  • Elimination of lag experienced in traditional recruiting and training
  • Bring diversity in teams
  • Well-diversified resource pool across skill types and skill maturity, gender

4. Consistent level of service

  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Management and close mentoring of onsite staff by senior members ensure excellent service performance.
  • Long term employee stability through Talent Management Workshops, skills-upgrading programs, trainings and defined career paths

Latest News

IT Thoughts Consulting today announced that it has received the 2012 IT Partner of the Year

It was only a few short months ago that Mozilla put its Firefox browser on a memory "diet," and this week it announced that it's doing much the same thing for Firefox add-ons as well.